Daniel Zlatkin

"Zlatkin seemed most interested in unfolding broad soundscapes to illustrate different angles of the supernatural experience, and the number of times he employed abrupt suspense suggests a penchant for silence and cross-disciplinary work worth exploring."


Out of Bodies

My composition explores the idea of surreal organisms inhabiting various bodies, sometimes bursting out. Serpents, branches, and other creatures tear out of chords, chorales, and melodies.

The music is loosely inspired by the movies Alien (1979) and Annihilation (2018), and the wisdom of the great composer György Ligeti. He encouraged his students to throw wrenches in their compositional systems.

-Daniel Zlatkin

About Daniel

Daniel Zlatkin’s music aspires to tell a story and stretch reality. Listeners often describe it as visceral, clear, austere, and humorous.

His works have been played by leading and emerging artists including the Da Capo Chamber Players, Calidore Quartet, soprano Lucy Dhegrae, The Brass Project, Choral Chameleon, Vanguard Reed Quintet, Khorikos, American Modern Ensemble, New Haven Symphony Orchestra, and The Orchestra Now. His music has been featured by National Sawdust (Brooklyn), Music From Angel Fire (New Mexico), I Care If You Listen, and the Fisher Center for Performing Arts (Hudson Valley). 
As a cellist he has extensive orchestral and chamber music experience, and frequently performs his own music. He is a recipient of a 2015 Davis Projects for Peace grant. He was a finalist in the 2015 and 2018 ASCAP Young Composer Awards and a runner-up in the 2019 Minnesota Orchestra Composer Institute. He holds an M.M. in composition from the University of Michigan.